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ED RN, Gina

Gina arrived in the U.S. to work in the Emergency Department at a hospital on Long Island.  She had worked in the KSA and was contemplating an assignment in the UK.  She did not have any U.S. qualifying exams done when she was interviewed by Direct Source.  She was surprised that we were offering to get her through the exams at little expense to her.  She was skeptical because it perhaps sounded too good to be true.  Gina changed her UK plans and stuck with Direct Source.  While Gina got the exams accomplished, Direct Source hired her as an RN Rep to help with recruitment in the Visayas Region.  It gave her some income and kept her busy as she awaited the processing of the visa petition.  After visa approval Gina bravely entered the U.S. alone but Direct Source had a staff member stay with her at the RN house so she would not be by herself that first night.  Pat took Gina to the Social Security office and then to the hospital for her 1st day of orientation.  Gina's point in sharing these details was to show candidates how Direct Source handles applicants, with a supportive attitude and with no promises unkept.  For that Gina was very grateful.  At present, she is working at a hospital in New Jersey, still in the ED.  She fulfilled her contract with the Long Island hospital making the move to NJ after marrying a guy from Jersey.  In closing Gina said, "The opportunity provided through Direct Source enabled me to build a wonderful career and life here in America.  I was able to buy a new car after 6 months in the U.S.; and was able to build a house back in the Philippines after 2 years.  I think when your new applicants hear this they will be encouraged to stick with Direct Source.  You guys were so wonderful  God bless and more power to you."

Eunice for Testimonials.jpg

CCU RN, Eunice

I am very grateful to Direct Source for having been a part of my family's continued success here in the U.S.  It is not an overstatement if I say that your company is one of the best in the RN recruitment field. Whenever I compare stories with my friends in the U.S., I can say that Direct Source recruits are far more blessed with very competitive, and usually, higher salaries.  I recently talked to the sister of one of my best friends from college; she is on Long Island, too, recruited by another company, but with an hourly rate of only 75% of my starting rate of pay.  To nurses aspiring to get to the U.S., Direct Source is the way to go!  My initial contract at the hospital that sponsored me is long since fulfilled but I am still employed there.  Just like many of our friends who are recruits of Direct Source, we realized the American Dream becoming  homeowners.  I am happily living on this beautiful Island in New York with my boys (husband and sons).  We are so very proud of how our children have not only adjusted to their new country but have excelled.  Again, a million thanks and God bless Direct Source Healthcare!  

Lisa 2.jpg

Telemetry RN, Virginia

She arrived in the U.S. to work at s community hospital on Long Island.  She has achieved much success and recognition in her work.  She worked as a Staff Nurse for the first few years, but then was promoted to the position of Head Nurse for the Telemetry Unit.  She was one of the first Direct Source recruits to be promoted into nursing management.  She was originally hesitant to take the promotion because there were more senior RNs working in the unit, but she was persuaded to give it a try by the hospital's supportive HR Director.  It has worked out well and she earned the support and respect of the Telemetry RNs.  She was joined in the U.S. by her husband; he, too, is working at the hospital.  This is not such an unusual occurrence; many of the spouses of our candidates end up also being employed in various capacities in the hospitals.  Virginia too remembers the big house (the old convent) and having to use public transportation to get to and from work.  But she says, "Gone are those days."  Within a few months of arrival the first big purchase was a new car.  She and her husband started their family with the birth of a beautiful baby boy.  He completes our family and gives us a lot of joy and happiness.  We were also able to purchase our own home.  Who could ask for more . . . before these were just dreams, but now they have become reality, thanks in part to our association with Direct Source.  On behalf of the Filipino RNs at our hospital and many other hospitals, thank you Pat for helping us realize our dreams!

Aideen House.jpg

CCU RN, Aideen

She arrived with a wealth of nursing experience to begin work at a hospital in Westchester County.  Her most recent assignment had been at a huge medical center in the KSA.  She wanted a fw weeks to get her bearings before beginning work and she had a friend in NJ with whom she stayed.  Pat picked her up one day to take her up to Westchester to look for housing.  They looked at a few places and ultimately settled on a situation with a lovely women who was renting out part of her house.  Aideen was a bit leery that this would work for her but she decided to give it a try.  The homeowner as an out-going loving person with 2 grown daughters of her own.  She told Pat that Aideen had become like a 3rd daughter and was as proud of Aideen's accomplishments as she was of her own 2.  The 1st major purchase was a brand new car; then about a year and a half after coming to the U.S., her own home.  Some candidates think the NY metro area is too expensive to be able to live so comfortably.  Aideen proves that it is indeed possible to live the American dream in the NY area.  Aideen is another Direct Source success story.

Mary Raynor Wedding.jpg

ICU RN, Mary Jane

I am so happy to be part of the most reliable agency bringing nurses to the U.S. from abroad.  Direct Source is so dedicated in the way they treat their candidates.  They offer RNs top dollar compared to other agencies I know of, and you don't have to fear of having any salary deductions.  They give you the best offer in town and this is the agency I recommend to anybody froming to the U.S.  Coming to America truly changed my life as I have come to fulfill my dream not only of moving to a grenner pasture to start a great career, but I got married and began a family of my own.  Pat was gracious enough to share the most precious moment of my life and attended our wedding.  I was so honored to have Pat in attendance; in her, I have found family.

Vanessa at disney.jpg

Med-Surg RN, Vanessa

I am working in the Orthopedics Department of a hospital in central New Jersey.  It is not an exaggeration to say that Direct Source was my LIFE SAVER.  I was duped by another agency back home and it was Direct Source who rescued us and gave us a 2nd chance of fulfilling our dreams of going to and working in America. They facilitated our transition from the Philippines to here.  They have taken good care of us and have kept in touch.  I am also thankful to the facility where I am employed for the warm welcome they gave us and for being family-oriented in their dealings with their employees.    My family has adjusted well.  We have made new friends and have reconnected with folks who were already in the U.S.  We've been to places we never thought we'd see and have been able to buy things we never thought we would possess.  I can honestly say, "We are living the American dream."  To the candidates of Direct Source, with faith in God, the love and support of family, hard work, perseverance and humility, I am sure that you too can achieve your dreams.  To all of you at Direct Source, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!   

Rose at the Golden Gate Bridge San Fran.

ED RN, Rose

It's been 15 years since we migrated here to the U.S.  Whew!  It is hard to believe we have been here that long.  I'm one of the fortunate hopefuls that Direct Source placed  here in America.  I;m so thankful to have et Pat Kerrigan and her staff.  After so many years of trying my luck with applying for a nursing job abroad, God answered my prayers and led me to these nice and caring people.  They were there for us throughout the process and still continue to keep in touch with us through emails and planned get-togethers.  This makes them unique as compared to their competitors.  They guide you through each and every detail of the application process so nothing is missed and they also give you updates on what's going on with your papers.  I fulfilled my contract with my 1st employer and we moved to California.  My family and I bought a brand new home.  It;s a very nice feeling to have a home you can say is your own.  It is so good to see how happy our son is with his new found friends in school and in our new neighborhood.  I am very fulfilled in my job as a nurse.  I never tire seeing patients feel better under my care, with smiles on their faces and kind words coming from their family members expressing their appreciation of all of our hard work.  So, if ever Direct Source would need my help in recruiting more applicants, rest assured I would be more than willing to help.  In fact, whenever I meet somebody who asks me how I got here, I alwys boast about this company and the whole staff for being so reliable, dependable and caring to their candidates, treating us like family.  I can say this because I experienced it myself.

Eva at Statue of Liberty.jpg


Eva arrived in the U.S. to begin her work as an RN at a community hospital on Long Island.  She recounts in her report the joy and excitement of getting here; at the same time the sadnss of leaving her friend and family behind in the Philippines.  Understandably, everyone arrives with mixed emotions.  She recalled Pat Kerrigan meeting her and the 3 other RNs at JFK airport and taking them to the hospital-provided housing.  The house looked like the "haunted house" in the neighborhood.  The hospital rented a HUGE house which had previously been a convent.  It was situated in a field across the street from regular, modest houses.  It had 9 bedrooms, a large great room, a gigantic dining room, and a kitchen that went on forever.  It was just the right size to accommodate the 9 RNs arriving for this hospital.  Pat took the RNs to the SSA office to apply for that all important Social Security Card.  Snowflakes began to fall and we ran outside to feel them, a first for all of us.  Eva reported that she had only $80US in her wallet when she arrived.  She also says that Direct Source and the HR staff at the hospital helped her and the other RNs with many transitions, including providing them with warm clothing - sweaters, coats, hats and gloves.  That first snow was exhilarating but the cold was tough to get used to having come from the tropics.  Five months after arrival Eva was able to purchase her own brand new automobile, an accomplishment she could never have fulfilled in the Philippines.  She continued to learn and grow on the job and became much more confident and happy in her work.  Then a co-worker introduced Eva to her husband-to-be.  It was not the easiest situation as Eva was in NY and he was in LA; but they endured and ended up marrying.  Eva had a 3-year contract and she was determined she was not going to breach her commitment.  So, they had a long distance relationship until she could join him in California.  The hospital was sad to lose Eva but they understood that she wanted to join her husband in CA ad start a family, which they did.  Eva says all her dreams have come true with a supportive husband, a beautiful little girl and a wonderful career as a nurse.  Eva says, "Thanks to you, Pat, and the rest of the Direct Source team.  Without you, I would not be here living the American dream.  I wish you more success in fulfilling Filipino nurses' dreams to migrate here.  And to all nurses under Direct Source, trust them like we did; they will not leave you till you get here and and they're even there for you years after your arrival.  Be strong enough to pursue this life and you will succeed like we did.  Good luck to you and keep on dreaming BIG.

Dalisay Sepuesca.jpg

RN, Dalisay

Dalisay, not one to toot her own horn, but we found out anyway! 


Dalisay arrived in the U.S. on 9/25/2003, a rainy Friday night. She and Geraldine Miranda were our first U.S. arrivals. Gie and Dei arrived via China Airlines that transited through Alaska, which was their port of entry. They then landed at JFK and were met by Pat Kerrigan.


Fast forward a few years, during Nurses’ week celebrated in hospitals through the U.S., Dei was honored by her hospital.  The theme of this her hospital’s celebration was: “Nursing – The Heart of Healthcare.”


Dei received the “Ann LePage Award for Nursing Excellence.” Pat spoke to CNO, Maxine Wofse, about the award. Maxine considers it the highest honor a nurse can receive as the awardee is nominated by other nurses. Maxine was thrilled to present the award to Dei, as Maxine was instrumental in the decision to recruit nurses from the Philippines and was personally involved in the 1st batch of interviews when Dei was selected.


All of us at DS were so very proud of Dei. We thank her for being such a fabulous example of the caliber of candidate we place at our client hospitals.  She is pictured 2nd from the right with another award winner and 2 members of nursing management.

Christine Dar

CLT,  Christine Dar

"Cristine, Laboratory Medical Technologist, NY. I heard of a job opportunity in NY while I was in Saudi Arabia in July 2006. I was accepted and hired directly by Southampton Hospital before Direct Source was involved in the process. This was the hospital’s first time to hire internationally and my papers didn’t seem to progress. Direct Source was recommended by the director of Nursing where she also was working at another hospital nearby which constantly hired Registered Nurses from the Philippines and uses Direct Source as their agent. For 1 year, nothing happened to my application from the hospital until I finally got a phone call from Direct Source saying that I must submit all my papers to them at once through DHL (they have an account with DHL that I didn’t pay any cent.) I was in the Philippines at that time for vacation. They sent me emails to be filled out and processed at my school and PRC. That was March 30, 2007. I took my IELTS exams in April 2007 and luckily passed. I had a constant communication with Direct Source. After this, I just sat and relaxed. In the later part of September 2007, I got an email to get an appointment to the US embassy at Saudi Arabia. I got my visa in December 2007. I had to give 2 months notice at my workplace for my resignation and I left for NY direct from Saudi in February 2008. I was very pleased with the work that Direct Source had done for me. It was a stress free experience for me as a whole. They did all the paperwork and they are very prompt to answer any questions through emails. They are very easy to deal with. I didn’t pay for recruitment fee. The hospital gave us free accommodation and transportation for a month or so. Direct Source also sent their driver to pick us up at the airport to the accommodation. He gave us money for each to get some groceries. The next day Pat Kerrigan came to the house to meet us. She toured us around town, brought us to the hospital to meet the HR and fill out some more paperwork. Then she treated us to Burger King and brought us back home. We even attended a Filipino birthday party next town that week before we started to work. She sent us the driver again the following day to go with to apply for Social Security. Overall, we were taken care very well by Direct Source. I am very thanksful and please with the experience. Direct Source didn’t ask for any placement fees, no salary deduction and they are 100% legit. They didn’t have anything to do with our paycheck after we got here. We got our full paycheck every 2 weeks, the same as the locally hired employees receive (no deductions associated with the agency) as soon as we started our employment here. They already recruited a lot of nurses in Long Island, NY alone. I would highly recommend that you trust this agency because you can trust them. It had helped many nurses and medical technologists as well as our families fulfill our ultimate American dream."

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