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With over 25 years of domestic and international recruitment experience, Direct Source has placed hundreds of permanent staff (RNs, PTs, Clinical Laboratory Technologists / CLT) with our many Hospital Clients. Our talent pool is from our direct recruitment efforts. We do not use 3rd party suppliers.  Our placement model is providing PERMANENT STAFF ONLY to our Hospital Clients.   

Work with Direct Source and WIN, WIN, WIN:


For Candidates, a WIN:   DIRECT PLACEMENT at one of our Hospital Client facilities.


YOU'LL BE A FULL TIME employee from Day One (NOT a consultant or Travel Nurse)

ALL COSTS (Immigration, travel, initial housing, etc.) are covered by our Hospital Clients.

Salary and compensation is identical to existing healthcare staff, at our Hospital Clients, with similar experience. Direct Source only gets a Permanent Placement Fee that is paid by the hospital client and NOT taken from OR effect your compensation.

* We know this might be difficult for you to believe. Direct Source has been placing hundreds of International RN's / CLT's / PT's, etc. for over 25 years. We can provide references.


For Clients, a WIN:  a full-time permanent employee willing to make an initial 3-year employment commitment. Our clients will benefit from immediate FULL TIME staff rather than costly Healthcare Consulting Contracting Firms with limited work contracts.


For Both, a WIN:  Direct Source handles all the processing and red tape.


RN Candidate Qualifications:


          NCLEX-RN or CGFNS-Cert  

          IELTS or TOEFL-IBT

          ‘Current’ experience in an acute care facility; the more

           the better

 Documents to submit:


          BSN Diploma

          U.S. RN license or notice of passing NCLEX-RN or CGFNS

          RN's Click here to apply:   


Clinical Laboratory Technologist

CLT's Click here to apply:




Currently, the most desirable specialty experience:

          Emergency Department            ICU/CCU

          Operating Room                        Cardiac Cath Lab

 Quickest Placement:

          Specialty RNs with previous I-140 approval notices


RNs with the U.S. qualifying exams already accomplished

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