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With over 25 years of domestic and international recruitment experience, Direct Source has placed hundreds of permanent staff (RNs, PTs, Lab Techs) with our many hospital Clients. Our talent pool is from our direct recruitment efforts. We do not use 3rd party suppliers.  Our placement model is providing PERMANENT STAFF ONLY.   

OUR RNs ARE PERMANENT PLACEMENTS ONLY: The biggest win is for the candidates we provide. Once selected, our client Hospitals and resources are employed as permanent staff (NOT contract or temporary placements). Hired RNs won't have to worry about 20% percent of their compensation being pocketed by a Staffing Agency. They also won't have to worry about relocating from hospital to hospital.  They have the comfort of job security and can get settled in the local community. Our RNs do not pay any fees.

 OUR HOSPITAL CLIENTS,  THEIR PATIENTS  and COMMUNITY: The resources provided will come up to speed quickly as they are all experienced RNs.  % plus retention rate, patient acuity and safety will increase. The resources provided are accustomed to working ANY shifts required providing much needed help and coverage to existing RN Staff (increasing existing staff retention and job satisfaction). Moreover, cost savings are exponential with most Hospital Clients recouping total fees/costs within a 6 to 8 month time frame (differential cost of Travel RN vs Permanent Staff). In fact, our total fees are usually the same or less than existing Hospital "Referral Fees".

WIN 3)  DIRECT SOURCE: We are a business, as such we are trying to help solve the longer term overwhelming nursing shortage in the United States. We are also, as a business, trying to make a profit. The aging of the US population and aging of the current RN work force combined is a continuing scary demographic story. International Full Time Permanent Recruitment is a key strategy to help and educate our domestic supply.

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