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The Story of RNs Sheila and Gilbert Degillo told at last:

Many of our in-process candidates and those who have successfully made it to the U.S. have had the privilege of knowing Sheila and Gilbert.  Both worked for us in the Philippines prior to deployment to begin their new careers.  Gilbert coached many of you through HCLEX-RN and Sheila may have been involved in your recruitment.  Here is their story told, at last, in their own words:  "It was hard to believe we finally reached our long awaited work destination, a long-term geriatric and rehab center in Long Beach, NY.  Because of 2 visa retrogressions, our nursing careers were stalled for several years; but we were grateful and blessed to be with the top notch DS family for that waiting period.  Our association with DS as candidates and as consultants made the wait less difficult.  And when our priority date became current, DS took charge of the game and grabbed the opportunity to get our papers processed.  When we set foot in the land of opportunity we received a very warm welcome from Pat Kerrigan and the Long Beach gang. There was a welcome party in the apartment provided for us by our employer.  The housing was a complete package . . . from furnishings, to groceries, to bed linens, to bath towels, a cash allowance; what more could we ask for.  We were ecstatic with our reception.  Before we started our hospital orientation, we went for a 'courtesy call' to Lady Liberty to baptize ourselves as New Yorkers.  We experienced walking the streets of Manhattan, the ones we used to see only in the movies.  So many new experiences to share . . . many firsts:  our daughter's new school, the leaves turning in fall, the snow, the purchase of our first car 4 months after our arrival.  Sheila got promoted to Assistant Head Nurse and me as a Nursing Supervisor after 5 months on the job.  I was also nominated for the Nurse Excellence Award together with 3 other DS recruits.  Within the 1st year we moved to our new home just a few blocks away from the hospital; so many  milestones since our arrival.  All this would not have happened if we did not become a part of DS, an instrument of blessing from above.  Keep your faith in them and in yourselves.  If you do your part, the DS team will do everyting in their power to get you here."

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