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With the right relationships, an understanding of where the supply is, and our excellent track record, the recruitment of international healthcare talent is not the hardest thing we do.  Where we earn our keep is by understanding and exercising the bureaucracies involved in all parts of the world in getting the talent to the U.S. in the fastest possible timeframe.


On the face of it, the international recruitment of qualified healthcare talent might appear to be simple.  You have what the international candidates want; solid, high-wage positions in their 1st country of choice.  However, while it can be done “in house” with a small group of HR staffers, few have been successful at yielding sustained results.  Furthermore, few organizations are able to create a scalable infrastructure to yield results that will solve the long-term shortages which increase exponentially in the U.S. through 2020.


Many of our clients previously tried international recruitment themselves or used small “mom and pop” companies with connections back home in India or the Philippines with access to a pool of talent.  The road is littered with hospitals who invested money to get nurses here and with nurses still in their home countries because the “mom and pop” companies were unable to do the complete job or the delays in the delivery of the nurses were ridiculous.  There can be a lot of fallout of candidates to other countries that are easier to emigrate to than our country is.  As we said above, finding the talent is not the hardest part.  Mastering the processes to get them here is and this takes smarts and staff to work the bureaucracies day in and day out.


Others, both healthcare facilities AND candidates, have been burnt by companies that were ill-prepared, incompetent, or just plain fraudulent.  Direct Source has provided “immigration forensic services” to a number of hospitals and was able to determine what went wrong with the processing of their candidates from previous agencies.  We were able to salvage some candidates who got stuck on the other side of the world just as much in the dark as to what was going on as the hospital was.  For these candidates, Direct Source became that life boat on the horizon that they had hoped would appear. 


Why we are different?


  • We’re faster than most:  Direct Source has compressed the average immigration processing to between 7 to 11 months; most clients and competitors have experienced much longer waits. 


  • Dynamic Approach to Processing, Certification and Testing:  The rules for Federal, State, testing requirements and certifications are constantly changing. And the paperwork to get each candidate to the U.S. is inches thick. It is safe to say that most of the agencies and entities involved are generally inefficient and need regular prodding.  Direct Source leverages technology and our experience in everything we do.  And we have the staff to do the needed follow up on each case.


  • Relationships with Qualified International Companies: Few companies have worked with established recruitment companies that are qualified to source, pre-screen and recruit the best possible talent.  We have excellent international partners and we have our own staff on the ground in the countries from which we recruit.

 Why Direct Source Healthcare?


  • Our CANDIDATES: We are committed to providing healthcare facilities with the best international talent possible in terms of experience, education, communications, interpersonal skills and their readiness to have a visa petition filed on their behalf.  Our candidates become your employees with a minimum 3-year employment commitment.


  • Our CORE COMPETENCY is the recruitment of International Healthcare talent.  It’s all we do.  We have experienced the roadblocks and hurdles involved in turning off-shore candidates into your permanent resident employees in the most efficient time possible.  We have excellent reference accounts who will confirm that we do what we say we do.


  • Our TECHNOLOGY. Direct Source has developed a web-based collaborative Portal that gives each Client and Candidate instant access to what’s going on throughout all the various processes:  testing, certifications, and immigration. To view the Portal Click Here.


  • Our FEES. Most companies require some type of payment upfront and may also be charging the candidates fees. Direct Source’s placement fee is not collected until the candidate arrives in the U.S.. Additionally, Direct Source does not charge fees to any of our candidates.